Cold Storage

To meet the exact requirements of the Indian cold chain industry, ZEP offers a time-tested design. The cold stores require a  very high quality thermal insulation for the preservation of perishable goods, besides lowering the energy cost to maintain the desired temperature. ZEP KOOL HAUS cold storage solution is available for chillers & freezers. ZEP also offers refrigeration units in association with various renowned manufacturers. Our high quality flush or overlap door provides ease of excess with minimum temperature loss. ZEP KOOL HAUS cold storage solutions are sourced by many OEMs and overseas clients.

ZEP designs & fabricates cold rooms “KOOL HAUS” and its panels for cold stores, cleanrooms, etc., to service various industry needs such as:

Perishable foods

Marine products

Horticulture & Floriculture

Agriculture & food research labs

Ice cream & dairy products

Retail outlets

Medical institutes

Pharmaceutical industry

Chemical & Fertilizers

Pathology labs

Research centers

Oil & Gas

cfc free

We use CFC free refrigerants and are more focused on environmentally friendly and economically beneficial refrigerant compounds.

Weather Proof

One of the biggest benefits of weatherproof cold storage is that it’s perfectly designed to deal with the transportation of perishable goods.

Leak proof

We provide 100% leak proof cold storage.

UV Resistant

Anti-UV PVC is designed for durability in doors that are outside and exposed to UV light. Anti-UV soft PVC will protect your roll-up doors from UV degradation.

Hermetically Sealed

We provide hermetically sealed​ cold storage. Hermeticity means that there is no contact between the internal environment and the external.