Portable Toilets

The portlet, portable toilet, bathroom, and urinal are truly distinct products that blend utility with aesthetics. To add more value, these solutions are crafted to offer low maintenance and longer services. The vast range of portable toilets, bathrooms, and urinal is perfect for areas like homes, community centers, railway stations, construction sites, public roads, etc.

Sugam Toilet

The Sugam range is a very versatile product and can be assembled on-site in large numbers in a short period of time.

Nirmal Toilets

The Nirmal toilets are cost effective solution for the erection of latrines in large numbers across the country.

Mobile Toilets van

To meet the temporary sanitation needs during mass gatherings, we have created Mobile sanitation solution.


Our Portlet Toilets are the best in the industry with an inbuilt hand washing basin.